Sentimental ring found after 10 years under water in Matteson Lake, MI.

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)

Gregg Larabel, my fellow Ringfinder, and I searched for a lost house key for LeAnn (a special education teacher) a couple of weeks ago with no luck.  During that search LeAnn mentioned she had lost a ring years ago, and knew it was gone forever.  We had to twist her arm to hear the whole story.  LeAnn’s Dad gave the ring to his wife to celebrate LeAnn’s birth, and Mom passed the ring on to LeAnn in her sophomore year in high school.  In her senior year a friend pushed her off a dock into the lake, and her ring flew off into the water.  Last night LeAnn gave Gregg the address of where she lost the ring, and off Gregg and I went this morning for the treasure hunt.  Shortly after arriving at the lake I was in waist-deep water when I got a good strong signal, probably a pull tab I thought.  No, this sounded better than a pull tab.  Could this be the ring?  (Your heart rate really does go up a notch.)  Several scoops in 6 inches of muck, and the ring appeared in my scoop.  Almost 10 years under water has been a little hard on the ring, but we hope a jeweler can fix it up for her.  The plan is to get a picture of LeAnn with her repaired ring when it is completed.