Nice watch found in sand at Grand Haven, MI

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)

Melinda was enjoying a day at the beach on Saturday and put her watch in her beach bag for safe keeping.  She didn’t look for the watch until Monday when she was going to the beach again.  No watch in the beach bag!  She went back to the same spot on the beach and searched the area with no luck.  She asked at Noto’s on the beach if anybody had turned in a lost watch, no luck there.  So on Tuesday evening she entered a “lost watch” post on Craigslist and 3 hours later I saw that post and emailed her right away.  She said she was right in front of Noto’s when she lost the watch, and I told her I would search for it early in the morning.  Melinda was sure somebody had seen the watch in the sand and had picked it up.  I was more concerned that, after 3 days, another metal detecting person had already found the watch.  But we were both wrong.  At 6:30AM Wednesday morning I was on the beach, and found the watch in about 30 minutes by gridding the area right in front of Noto’s.  She stopped at my house today and picked up the prize.  One happy lady that made my day too.