Mom, let us see your new ring------------oops!

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)

I received a phone call from sisters Carissa and Ashley asking for help in finding their Mom’s lost ring in South Haven.  Larry and Kathy rented a cabin on Lake Michigan for the coming week, and invited their daughters and their families to join them.  Enjoying the scenery out on the deck, the sisters asked Mom to show them her new ring.  In doing so the ring slipped through fingers, hit the wooden deck and disappeared.  After renting a metal detector and finding only a few coins, the family decided to call me for help.  Gregg Larabel and I hopped in the car right away and headed south for the search.  On arriving at the cabin the family showed us the area and detailed how the ring was lost.  Luckily we had about 3 to 4 feet of space under the deck to work in, and lots of nice beach sand to search in.  After searching directly below the picnic table we moved out further, and several feet from the table I got a good signal on my metal detector.  Using the Pinpointer to sweep over that area made the ring pop into view.  Their Grandson was watching us and yelled out “they found it”!  Needless to say the whole family was ecstatic on finding the ring.  After a few pictures we headed for home knowing we had started their vacation off on a better note.                                            

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  1. Kathy says:

    Gregg and Dave are amazing guys! My wedding ring bounced on the deck and went right through the cracks into the sand!! The kids searched for hours and even rented a metal detector to no avail. The vacation was quickly deteriorating. …. To the rescue- Gregg and Dave!!! They drove 45 minutes to help us!! Within 20-30 minutes, the ring was in hand!! Just AMAZING!!!! Thank you Gregg!!! Thank you Dave!!! Both of you are wonderful!!!

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