Lake Michigan gives up a gold chain.

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)

I got a call from Steve, saying he lost his gold chain in Lake Michigan 5 days ago at the beach at Tunnel Park.  Fellow Ringfinder Gregg Larabel and I drove out there with the idea that his chain had already been found, or was now too deep to find after 5 days of pounding from big waves on the big lake.  But Steve’s son met us at the park and gave us good directions on where to look.   He said Steve was about waist deep in the water when he lost the chain.  We set up a couple of poles (markers) out into the water and started to grid the chosen spot.  In about 5 minutes I got a good signal but it turned out to be a tungsten ring.  In another 5 minutes I got a faint signal and I decided I had better dig this one.   One deep scoop and the sun shining off this gold chain nearly blinded me!  I whispered to Gregg and he came over and took a look into my scoop.  I gave Jose, Steve’s son, a thumbs up and he and his daughter came charging down the dunes to confirm the prize.  Jose said we should take it to Steve because he was in town at work.  A short trip to Steve’s job site and we laid the chain in his hand.  He had almost given up hope of ever seeing the chain again.  It never gets old presenting the prize back where it belongs.  We beat the Big Lady this time and she did not swallow this chain.                                                                                                     

2 Replies to “Lake Michigan gives up a gold chain.”

  1. gregg larabel says:

    Another successful find!

  2. Steve Johnson says:

    Steve here! I gotta say Dave and Gregg are the real deal!!! After 5 long days of my chain sitting at the bottom of Lake Michigan I was ready to accept that it was gone! But Tuesday night I randomly came across Ringfinders and Dave and called, and spoke with Dave the following morning. The very next day he and Gregg where on a mission. I liked how he acted with a sense of urgency and how dedicated he was to finding my chain. I am still In shock they found it! Along with all my friends and family. When he showed up at my job and handed me my chain, I skipped the handshake and gave the guy a hug! Haha! That’s how happy I was! These guys are legit! And masters of this craft! Have 2 be 2 find a chain in Lake Michigan in 8 inches of sand 5 days later in 15 or 20 minutes! Thanx again Dave and Gregg! I really am grateful for your help and glad I came across your website!

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