Wedding band lost and found in Beadle Lake, MI

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)

Chris and Courtney were enjoying a 4th of July weekend at Tad and Jaime’s home on Beadle Lake, which included  volleyball in the lake.  Chris was in knee-deep water when he reached up with his left hand to stop the ball.  As the ball hit his hand he felt his wedding ring come off.

Because the ball ended up out of bounds on the lawn, Chris  believed his ring must be right near that same area — which was behind him.  Gregg Larabel and I arrived the very next day and started searching that entire area of the volleyball court and lawn area.  We were concerned that the iron seawall, which ran the length of the court, would interfere with the metal detector readings if the ring had landed close to either side of the seawall.

After searching Chris’ side of the net and the adjacent grass area with no results, I went to the other side of the net on the chance that his hand had been moving forward when the ring came off.  About six feet beyond the net I found his ring.  It’s amazing where these rings turn up sometimes.  In the heat of the battle, (or a volleyball match) a man never knows his own strength.  The whole family was relieved the ring was found and they can continue to enjoy the holiday weekend on a good note.  It is such a pleasure for Gregg and for me to meet such nice people.  And we both thrive on finding the treasure!

3 Replies to “Wedding band lost and found in Beadle Lake, MI”

  1. gregg larabel says:

    Great story Dave you nailed it.

    1. Chris Cook says:

      Courtney and I are so grateful for Gregg and Dave. What started off as a very sad and frustrating 4th of July weekend, ended with two new friends in Gregg and Dave and cool story to tell. I had slim to no hope of getting my wedding ring back until I came across Gregg’s information from a simple Google search on “how to find a ring in the water”. I texted Gregg late Thursday night and he responded within 30 seconds and we had a meeting place set for the next afternoon. My ring was found within 24 hours of losing it. The work that Gregg and Dave do is truly admirable and Courtney and I are forever grateful for the two of you! All the best!

  2. David & Susan Pomeroy says:

    We never knew such a service existed. Great job finding the ring. Courtney is our daughter and both she and Chris were heartbroken thinking the ring was gone forever. Thank you for bringing their ring home to them.

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