Ring found in front yard in Grand Rapids, MI.

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)

Jason was working on the eaves of his house when his wedding ring came up missing.  He remembered shaking his hand to remove a glove and thought that was when the ring was lost.  I checked that area thoroughly with no results.  Then he mentioned he washed his hands by the side of the house with the water hose–and that is where I found his ring.  It was close to a woven wire fence which made detecting it a little tough by giving me mixed signals.  I had Jason using my pinpointer and digger to check on signals I received and he dug up a couple of coins and some other junk.  When I found his ring I covered it up with grass and called him over and let him recover the prize.  Jason’s neighbor and a friend were present and we all enjoyed the good news when the ring was found.