Big gold ring found in Gun Lake, MI

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)

Tony and family went for a late night cruise on their pontoon boat and shorty after getting home Tony noticed his wedding band was missing.  This morning he and his wife, Valerie, were trying to figure out where he could have lost it.  He remembered tripping over a cooler sitting on the floor of the pontoon boat, and catching himself by pushing his hand thru the opening between the seats and the overhead canopy.  When checking this spot on the boat he noticed the zipper was slightly open: he guessed that this is where he lost the ring.  Straight down from that location is 4 ft of water.  Valerie got on the internet and found Ringfinders and by 2:00PM today Gregg Larabel and I were out there.  I donned my waders and immediately got a good signal right under that zipper on the boat.  A couple of scoops later and the big beautiful ring turned up in my scoop.  For the rest of the story: Valerie said this ring is Tony’s fourth since they have been married and he lost one of them in Gun Lake years ago.  Tony is going to give us an exact location on a google map and hopefully we can find that ring for him too.

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  1. Dave Millman says:

    What a story it will be if you find that second ring!

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