Ring found in Lake Michigan near Holland, MI

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)

Late on Sunday night I received an e-mail from Renee B asking for help in finding her wedding ring.  She and her family were boating with her parents, and they pulled into the shallows to play in the water.   While wading in about 4 ft of water Renee felt her ring slide off.  Wanting to mark that spot as closely as possible, they looked toward the shore and saw a No Trespassing sign on a tree high on the cliff.  If you want to retrieve a ring lost in Lake Michigan, time is of the essence because of the wave action,  so my fellow Ringfinder, Gregg Larabel, and I met Renee’s husband, Paul, early Monday morning.   The spot where Renee lost the ring is in an isolated area where there are no houses and no close roads, so we had a walk of about a mile from where we were able to park to the spot below the No Trespassing sign.  Paul said Renee was about 40ft out into the water when she lost the ring.

The lake was not too friendly with about knee high whitecaps that kept pounding us as we were searching.  After a short time I received a good signal for a target which could have been a pull tab — or the ring.  I was having trouble retrieving the target with the waves pushing me around so I called Gregg over to help me out.  He confirmed it was a good signal and after several attempts the ring finally showed up in my scoop.  Paul was standing on the shore and I gave him the high sign with the ring on my pinky finger.  Paul made a phone call to Renee who was at work to give her the good news.   The timing was perfect because in a few days their anniversary date was coming up.