Ring lost for 4 years and finally returned.

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)

Katherine is the first cousin of my son’s best friend from high school and I am friends with her grandfather.  They had heard about Ringfinders and knew I was involved, but with the number of years gone by from when the ring was lost they assumed it was futile to look for it.

O.D., the grandfather, finally mentioned the lost ring to me and I immediately said, “Let’s go and get it.”  Katherine had been playing in waist deep water at the campground beach four years ago when she noticed her white-gold ring with three stones was missing.  Gretchen, Katherine’s mother, and Katherine were working at the campground this week and we made arrangements to meet there for the hunt.

Gregg Larabel, my fellow Ringfinder, and I arrived at about noon and in about ten minutes I had the ring in my scoop.  Katherine knew exactly where she was when the ring was lost, and this made for a fast recovery.

Gretchen and Katherine were watching us from the beach and we called them over and presented the ring to Katherine by having her take it off my pinky finger.  They were delighted to have the ring back, and Mom even shed a tear or two.

It is always fun to return a ring, but especially rewarding when you are friends with the family.