Ring lost for 20 years and one month found!

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)

On July 4th, 1997 Larry was playing volleyball in front of his aunt Laurie’s cottage on Hess Lake when he lost his huge gold wedding band in about 3 ft of water.  Laurie came up with picture to confirm that date.  Old picture shows Larry in the center of the picture with his hands on his hips.  He and his friends spent a good deal of time looking for the ring and finally gave up.  He purchased a new ring and went on with his life.

Last week Gregg and Doug Larabel and I decided to hunt a sandbar in that area of the lake.  After about three hours of hunting we headed for home dead tired and left the lake from a friend’s house right next door to Laurie’s house.  Laurie spied us and said that her nephew had lost his ring in front of her place many years ago and asked if we could find it.  We did a few swings around the area in front and told her we would be back to do a more thorough search at a later date.

This week, Gregg Larabel, my fellow Ringfinder and I came back to do that more thorough search for Laurie.  After about an hour we were having no success and were about to give up when I hit a good signal and there was this huge gold ring in my scoop.  The inscription inside the ring said “love forever LLB 7-22-78”.   After 20 years Laurie was not sure if this was Larry’s ring or not, but after a few phone calls we confirmed that this was indeed Larry’s ring.  The initials are his wife’s and the date is their wedding date.

Larry lives only a few miles from us and on the way home we delivered the ring to Larry.  It cannot get much better than this!!