Gold ring lost and found at Warren Dunes

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)

Chad and family were enjoying the beach at Warren Dunes when his gold wedding band disappeared in the sand.  Looking for the ring was not successful, and they had to go back home to the Chicago area.  They looked up the Ringfinders and sent me an e-mail late on Tuesday night asking if I could help him find the ring.  I had commitments for Wednesday morning and all day Thursday, but leaving the ring on the beach for two more days was risky, considering all the metal detectors that are out there every day.  My Ringfinder partner, Gregg Larabel, called Chad on Wednesday morning while I was tied up and had Chad send us a map of the beach pinpointing where he lost his ring.  Gregg and I agreed to go hunt for the ring late on Wednesday and luckily the beach was not too crowded at that time of day.  Because Chad’s map was so accurate, I found the ring in 15 minutes about 10 ft from the water line.  We called Chad with the good news and dropped his ring in the mail the next day.   Finding a ring always puts smiles on our faces!

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