Silver ring lost in Gun Lake, MI

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)

Received a request from Jon K asking for help in finding a ring for his good friend Krissie from Chicago.  Krissie and her fiance were vacationing at Jon’s cottage over the holiday and keeping cool by playing catch with a tennis ball in about 4 ft of water.  On one throw she felt her ring fly off and did not see where it landed. Considering the 4 to 6 inches of silt on the bottom of the lake, their chances of finding that ring were near zero.

Jon and his friend met me at the cottage and gave me the story of how Krissie had lost the ring.  I started to grid the search area and each time I got a signal, Jon, wearing mask and snorkel, would dive down and retrieve the item for me – much easier with the thick silt on the bottom than using a water scoop.  With only some bottle caps and other junk found we decided to call Krissie to see if she could give us any more details on where the ring might have been lost.  She said her fiance was standing next to an underwater tie down for a boat, and she was about 30 feet away throwing the ball to him.  That information was key to giving us a more specific area to search. I soon got a high tone signal and I gave Jon the sign that this one had to be it.  I marked the spot with the wood handle end of my water scoop and Jon dove down with the pin-pointer to locate the target.  He came up with the ring in his hand and a big smile on his face.

With a few hoots and hollers for the neighbors watching us and a few pictures we ended the day on a high note for everyone.  When I got home I had already received a heart felt thank you voicemail from Krissie.  She said she bought that ring at Tiffany’s about 12 years ago, has worn it daily since then, and it means the world to her.