Gold ring found in Pratt Lake near Gladwin, MI

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)

Jacob from Detroit lost his wedding ring while swimming off a sandbar in Pratt Lake in July of 2016.  Although he searched with a rented metal detector at the time, he did not find the ring.   When he contacted Chuck Raison, my fellow ringfinder from Baldwin, Chuck called me to help him on the hunt.

Jacob sent us a picture of the lake, marking the area where the ring was lost.  In July he had also marked the spot in the lake by placing a toy sand pail on the bottom of the lake where he lost the ring.  It was a beautiful day when we cruised out to that sandbar in Chuck’s fishing boat.  With no wind to speak of, the lake looked like a glass table top.  The water was crystal clear, and we could see the bottom of the lake and fish swimming around.  There are lots of houses on the lake shore but nobody was stirring, and the only sounds we heard were the singing of birds.

For this time of year we wore our 5mm wet suits, making for a comfortable hunt in the chilly water.  I was hunting in water about shoulder deep when I caught sight of that toy pail that Jacob had planted on the lake bottom.  Doing a careful search around that pail I found his ring not more than 10 feet from it.  Good thinking Jacob!  We called Jacob and we learned he was only about 20 miles away, attending a meeting.  We packed up our equipment and headed to his location to deliver the ring.  Pictures of his ring, Jacob and the equipment used in the recovery are attached

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