Another ring found at Holland State Park, Michigan

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)

This time the ring was lost on the beach.  Brittany had taken her ring off, placing it in her beach bag for safe keeping while she played with her kids in the water.   But when she reached home the ring was gone.   She went back the next day to look for it, but had no success.

Metal detecting hunters search that beach daily, so hunting partner Gregg Larabel and I weren’t optimistic about finding the ring when we made the trip to the park three days later.  It was really helpful that Brittany had provided us with pictures from their day at the beach, enabling us to pinpoint the exact spot where she had been sitting.  We started a grid of the area, and after 2 passes I found the ring about 10 feet from the sign post shown in her photo(below).

We gave Brittany a call and since she had just finished work nearby she said she would meet us in the parking lot.  She arrived with her mother and father, and Gregg showed her some of the junk we had found.  Her comment was “It’s ok, thank you for your help in trying to find my ring.”   I then said, “and I also found this” and showed her the ring.  Her face lit up like the sun and she had hugs for both Gregg and me.  Mother and father also got out of the car and joined in the celebration.



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  1. Brittany Nanninga says:

    Thank you both so much for going out there and finding my ring!! I had lost hope that it would be found, but am so grateful for you guys going out there and finding my ring and bringing it to me!

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