Engagement ring found at Thumb Lake, Mich.

  • from Holland (Michigan, United States)

Yesterday, one Ringfinder guy was busy and referred this to Gregg Larabel who was also busy.  That left it up to me.

Picked up my fellow Ringfinder, Chuck Raison, to accompany me on the 3 hour ride up to Thumb Lake.  Katrina was playing in the lake with her two boys when she noticed her engagement ring was missing, but her wedding ring was still on her finger.

She was sure it must be in the water, so that’s where Chuck and I searched first, but without success.  Finally I made two passes over the spot where they had been sitting on the beach itself, and there it was.

Katrina was on vacation in the area and was feeling quite blue about the bad turn her trip had taken, but we brightened up her day.  Her smile tells it all, but our smiles were just as big!


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  1. Katrena says:

    I have shared my story with all my friends and family! I am so thankful for you guys and to know there are such nice people like you in the world brightens my day. I wish there was so much more I could do for you both, and one day I hope to give more!

    Both my husband and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Even our 2 year old was thrilled you found my ring! Some things are just irreplaceable and not everyone understands, but I can see that you guys do! Thank you thank you thank you!

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