Minnesota lost wedding ring metal detecting scuba lake

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

Katy & Matt had some friends over to their cabin and they decided to go for a pontoon ride around the lake. Katy was out on the lake warming up the pontoon when the engine stopped working. It was a windy day and the pontoon was heading quickly to shore and towards the rocks. Katy had to stop the pontoon, so she jumped off and into the water to hold it steady (in about 4 feet of water). While she jumped off the pontoon, she caught her hand in the railing and not only did her ring pop off; she also hurt her hand. Matt searched on the internet for help in finding Katy’s lost ring, he came upon the ring finders website. He contacted and me and told me the scenario. He & I met up at the lake and took the pontoon to the spot, he put me right on the spot as it only took me about 15 minutes scuba diving to find it.

Congrats to Katy and I hope your hand heals quickly :O)