Lost Wedding Ring Recovered Minnesota Scuba Metal Detecting

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

Burt lost his ring in the lake behind his home. He was swimming in approx. 20 feet of water when he felt it slip off. He tread water for quite a while as to not lose where he lost the ring and his wife went to find a float and anchor to mark the spot. This was great thinking as it helps me get close while diving for the ring. Burt and his wife were heading out for a belated honeymoon to Europe in a couple days and Burt really wanted his ring for that trip. This recovery was tough, Minnesota has a “thermocline” – This means the water temperature really plummets at a certain depth. The ring was deep and I knew it would be very cold which limits search time. Another issue was the weeds and muck. As soon as you start searching the muck stirs up and it completely blinds you. After removing an old 10 foot long dock pole and some old beer cans, I got a solid hit. The ring was approx. 1 and half feet down into the muck. I think I got really lucky on this one, but either way it is back where it belongs, on Burt’s finger!

Congrats and please thank Ian again for helping me carry my gear.


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