Lost Engagement Ring Recovered Metal Detecting Minnesota

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

Lisa and her family were out enjoying a nice Minnesota day on their pontoon, they decided to stop at a sand bar in the middle of the lake to get in the water and play a little catch with the kids. While Lisa was tossing the football with her daughter, her engagement ring popped off into the water. They enlisted the help of some other people in the area and searched to no avail. One of the other people helping out told Lisa about theringfinders.com and when she got back to the cabin, she brought up the website and shot me an email. We set up a day and time to search and met up at the cabin. Lisa’s neighbors were gracious enough to take us out on their pontoon to the sand bar. We jumped into approx. waist deep water and started searching. After an hour and quite a few pennies, pop tops and pull tabs; Lisa’s daughter told us that she remembered being more into the shallow area, only around two feet deep or so. We started searching in the shallow water and almost immediately that beautiful engagement ring was in my scoop.  Really glad I could help you out Lisa, say thanks again to your neighbors and thanks so much to the hero of the day – Your daughter 🙂

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  1. Lisa Neaton says:


    We can’t thank you enough for all of your help, I still can’t believe we found the ring!! I have shared this story with everyone I know, you made my entire summer.

    On a side note, my daughter’s reward that day was mini-golf and ice cream, thought it was well-deserved.

    Thanks again!!

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