1964 Lost Class Ring Recovered after 55 years in Minnesota Lake.

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

While scuba diving and searching for lost valuables in a Minnesota lake, I found a class ring with the following information. 1964 – Harding High School and  “JF”. I called Harding high school and asked the librarian to pull the 1964 year book and look for the initials JF. There were actually two people with these initials. After contacting the 1st person, he informed me that he still had his class ring, so I knew for sure it was the next guy. I called James and left a message, to no avail. I figured he would probably think this is some kind of scam and not call me back. I researched his address and drove over to his house, luckily he was home. He couldn’t believe that I found his ring after 55 years in the lake. I told him, wherever you lost it, that’s where it going to be until someone recovers it. For anyone reading this post, please spread the word of  theringfinders.com to everyone you know. No matter how long your valuable has been missing, there’s always a chance of recovery.

Congrats James, so glad I could help in getting your class ring to the rightful owner –


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    Nice going Darrin!

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