Wedding ring recovered 14 years after being Lost

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

14 years ago, Amber was styling a friends hair at her home in Minnesota. She took her rings off as usual, though this time, her 2 year old daughter saw that shiny diamond and decided it would be fun to play with. She went outside to her play area and returned with no ring(of-course)  – Now back to the present. Amber & her husband are having their yard scraped and re-graded in a week or so. Amber thought it would be a good idea to look one final time for that lost wedding ring before it is gone forever. She found me on the ring finders website and we set a day for the search. I was there for approx. a half hour collecting the usual suspects (pennies, foil, pop-tops etc.) when I got a familiar deep tone. I knew this hit had a good chance of being the ring, I dug about 2 1/2 inches down and there is was. Beautiful Gold Diamond ring. Shiny and bright as ever, just a little dirt on it. Please see the picture below of Mom and daughter 14 years after (the incident). Truly glad I could help you out Amber, and very nice to meet your family. Congrats!!!

Darrin G.