Lost ring scuba search Minnesota

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

Carol contacted me through the ring finders web site. She was picking up rocks in the water near her dock and throwing them onto shore . I believe it was for a landscape project. A few hours later, she noticed her wedding ring was missing. The only thing that made any sense, it must of slipped off in the water. I arrived at Carols lake home and we discussed where around the dock would be the best area to search. I dawned my scuba gear and jumped in.  It only took 10 minutes or so and I heard a great hit on my metal detector – The water visibility was terrible, so I grabbed a hand full of sand and rocks and waved in front of my detector. The object was in my hand. Slowly removing the other debris and brining my hand right up to my eyes, I saw the twinkling of the diamond. What an awesome feeling to find a lost valuable like this. Congrats Carol!