Lost Ring Northwest Iowa lake Found

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

Jeanne and her family were on vacation at her Dad’s cabin in Northwest Iowa. While on a canoe outing, her Dad, John was getting out of the canoe and felt his ring slip off his finger. The family tried to locate the ring to no avail. Jeanne contacted me through the ring finders website and explained the situation. The ring was lost in approx. 3 feet of water, the water has no visibility and a very rocky bottom. I drove down to Iowa and met with john, he showed me the area and scuba seemed to be the best method for recovery. I dawned my gear and walked into the water, the very first hit I got on my metal detector was his ring. I came up out of the water and one of John’s neighbors was standing on the dock. She asked me if rings could be found that have been lost for a couple years? I said sure, I’ve recovered rings that have been in the water for decades (maybe even a century). She informed me that her nieces husband lost his wedding ring a couple years back by their dock just about 100 yards away from John’s dock. I said OK, I’ll meet you over there. I swam over and she showed me the spot, I started my search and found an old rusty can. The next hit on my detector was a big old wedding ring. What a day, 2 lost rings and some very happy people – doesn’t get much better than that! 🙂

Congrats John and your neighbors niece & husband (Didn’t get their names)

Darrin ~


3 Replies to “Lost Ring Northwest Iowa lake Found”

  1. Jeanne says:

    Darrin, you were just amazing. We are absolutely elated to have Dad reunited with his ring. My mom died about 10 months ago and it was an important symbol for our family of their 51 year marriage. Thank you for being so eager to help.

  2. Johnny Schad says:

    Darrin, I’m sorry we didn’t get a chance to meet. What an extraordinary service you provide! As you well know, these rings are far more than just a piece of metal. I’m afraid, sir, that you have written yourself into our family history. You made the story of the lost ring (rings!) have a happy ending. Thank you!

  3. Colleen Zastrow says:

    Hey Darrin,

    Just got around to getting on your website. You are the BEST!!!! Thanks for your help in retrieving my husband, Zack’s ring. See you in Sebastian, FL!!! So far, that area has been spared from Irma (so I hear).

    All the best,

    Colleen Zastrow
    Formerly from Shakopee, MN
    Now in Northfield, MN

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