Lost Wedding Ring Found Lake Minnetonka Big Island

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

I received a call from Bryan, he had lost his wedding band during a work party out at big island on lake Minnetonka Minnesota. He and some co-workers were out on a pontoon ride, they stopped at Big Island; a great spot to hop out into the water. The water is crystal clear, the bottom is sand and it’s only about 4 feet deep. Bryan was tossing a football around when he noticed his ring flew off his finger while attempting to make a catch. He and his co-workers searched to no avail. He made a mental note as to where he was in the water and tried to mark the spot with a bottle. When he was back home searching the internet for help, he came across the ring finders website and gave me a call. I told him that time was of importance as many metal detectorists search Big island as it is a “Hot Spot” for people partying. We hopped on a pontoon and headed out for the search. Bryan did a great job putting right at the spot, though I never did see the bottle; I found his ring in approx. 10 minutes. So glad I could help out, tell your wife congrats and she picked a great ring for you 🙂



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