Lost Wedding Ring in Mankato Minnesota Lake Recovered

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

Scuba diving search for a lost wedding ring in lake Washington, Mankato Minnesota.

Adam had only been married for 3 months; While he was getting his boat ready for the 2016 season, his ring slipped off into the water. Adam’s Dad, Randy, met me out at the lake and showed me the spot. It wasn’t too deep though there were a lot of obstructions in the area. He lost it right off the dock, which is metal, and right near a metal boat lift and concrete block. Trying to recover this ring with a water scoop would have been impossible. Luckily “for me” the water here in Minnesota has just turned warm enough to scuba comfortably, I was only in approx. 4 feet of water but the ring was right on the edge of a submerged concrete block. My metal detector picked up the signal and after a couple minutes or so, I felt the ring. The water had zero visibility, so it was a “feel” recovery. Really glad I could help out Adam – By the way, it was a pleasure meeting your Dad – What a great guy and tell him thanks so much for his Military Service!!!