Lost Wedding Band Lake Minnetonka - Recovered

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

Eric was at his boat slip on Lake Minnetonka getting his boat ready for the upcoming season. As he was working, his platinum wedding band slipped off his finger right into the water. When he initially called me for a search, the water was still way too cold to dive for any length of time. I told him, no problem on the search – but we will have to wait for the water temp to increase. In the mean time, Eric’s friend told him about a diver with a dry suit that could search. The other scuba diver went in and lasted about 45 minutes underwater in the cold, to no avail. Just a couple bolts and trash. I called Eric as the water temp was getting warmer and he told me about the dry suit diver; I thought, well it’s worth another try and I do have a lot of experience in this type of situation. The water depth was approx. 12 -15 feet deep and the bottom was a foot of silt. As soon as you start searching, the water clouds and you become blind. It’s totally a “feel” search from there on out. Well, the good news is, it only took about 10 -15 minutes and I found his ring. Really glad I could help out Eric. Hope you have a great Memorial Day week-end!!

Darrin –

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  1. Mark Rubey says:

    Good Job Darrin in less than ideal conditions!

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