White Gold Diamond Ring Found Austin Minnesota

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

Gina and her fiancé were out doing yard work when she noticed her diamond engagement ring was missing from her finger. They decided to rent an Ace 250 metal detector and try searching the yard. Lot’s of targets but no luck. As all of the experienced metal detectorists know, it’s a long learning curve to actually work a metal detector correctly. There are so many targets including coins, trash, pull tabs, cans etc. – you really need to know what your listening for in these types of areas. Gina found the ring finders web site on the internet and left me a message. I was able to meet up with her the next morning for a search. We needed to search the front yard, side yard and boulevard. After an hour or so with no luck I searched just a bit out of our search area in a tall grassy weedy area – Thanks Gina for getting out that weed whipper! A couple more sweeps of my trusty Minelab E-Trac and out popped this beautiful ring! So glad it was found for you Gina, you are a sweetheart and I pray for a long and happy marriage for you and your fiancé!


Take Care – Darrin


Gina's Ring 001