Metal detector rental lost wedding ring Minnesota

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

Lindsay called about her lost Platinum Wedding Ring at a park in Maple Grove Minnesota. Her and her family were out enjoying a picnic when she was attacked by a wasp. Like most people, Lindsay frantically swatted at the critter and off flew her Wedding Ring. This was a specially made Platinum ring that had her husbands finger prints etched into it. A one of a kind ring, that’s for sure. I drove up to the park to meet Lindsay’s husband Joe. On the way, a fellow ring finder, Scott Juusola called me and said he was very close to the park; filling some scuba tanks. I asked him to join the hunt as parks have a lot trash, coins and pull tabs and that it can get very difficult to find a ring. Joe showed us the area by some picnic tables and we started the search. It took about 3 minutes and there it was. I believe Joe told me that it was either their anniversary or Lindsay’s B-Day tommorow (sorry I can’t remember, old timer with a bad memory) Hope this recovery helps make your day special.

Take Care and Congrats!


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