Lost Ring New Hope Minnesota

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

As it nearing winter in Minnesota, many people are out getting their yards cleaned up. John and his family were out raking and trimming trees when John noticed his wedding ring was gone. He found the ring finders web site and contacted me. Luckily I had taken a day off work for a couple other ring searches. I finished up my other searches and  headed up to New Hope for the yard search. I met with John’s wife and she explained the situation, I searched the back yard for 20 minutes or so and came up with nothing. I was walking up to search the side yard when John showed up. He told me they had also been in the front yard raking and bagging. So, we headed to the front, in less than 5 minutes I got that great sound in my headphones. Congats John, so glad i could help out.




John's Ring