Lost Wedding Band recovered 8 years later

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

My family & I went up north Minnesota for our yearly vacation. We stayed at a resort on a lake and after chatting with the owners, we found out that a couple of people had lost there wedding rings while swimming in the beach area many years ago. Luckily I brough my scuba gear and detectors ” I never leave home without them” 😉 I found both missing rings within an hour of searching. These resorts have a lot of returning customers year after year. It just so happened that the owner of one of the rings was actually at the resort and we got to return that ring right away. The resort owners gave me the contact information for the other person who lost their ring and i contacted him. He has booked a stay up at the resort just a couple weeks away. I left the 2nd ring with the resort owners and I have not heard back. Though I am sure the ring made it back to the rightful owner. The owners said it was a great experience having the ring finders up there to find those lost valuable……….Glad we could help out!!!!!!




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D.W. Gray

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  1. That’s fricken awesome! I am proud being a person that does the same to read about what you have done.
    I’m not a religious person but all I can say is “May God Bless You”!

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