Lost gold rings minnesota recovery

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

Michelle and Ron were out swimming at a friends cabin on lake Ann. Michelle noticed that her Engagement and Wedding band had slipped off her finger. Ron tried to locate the ring in the water, the water has no visibilty and the rings came off  approx. 4 -5 feet deep. He couldn’t find them, as it is nearly impossible because the weight of gold sends the rings into the muck or sand and they are completely covered immediately. Michelle searched for help on line and came across the ring finders web site. When Ron contacted me and told me the depth, I knew I had better bring the scuba gear. I searched the area Ron showed me in the lake for approx. an hour. I started to search just a bit deeper and heard that loud tone for gold. Out came the first ring, I circled the area and didn’t come up with the 2nd ring until I circled about 10 feet out from the first ring. The rings have a special family meaning to both Michelle and Ron and I was was glad I could help them out on this find – Take Care and Happy Anniversary, I know you said it was coming up soon!!!


DW Gray


Michelle and RonRings


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  1. Ron and Michelle says:

    Thank you so much!! Our anniversary is tomorrow July 24th and it will be 9 years. We are so extremely excited to have my rings back!! Thank you!!!

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