Lost Wedding Band Recovered Minnesota Metal Detector

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

The local Waconia newspaper was gracious enough to to a story on Team Finders and the Ring Finders last week. After reading the article, Stacy thought she would give us a try as her husband Bob had lost his Gold Diamond Wedding Band 4 years ago while raking and piling leaves in their compost pile. I went over to their house, only about a mile away -Which is very nice for a change. Usually I am traveling all over the State. Bob & Stacy showed me the area they were raking and where the compost pile was. It was actually a lightly wooded area which was easy to swing my detector through. I was searching and finding the usual suspects…..Pull tabs, foil, cans etc. I had covered the whole area we thought it would be and I decided to expand my search out another 10 feet or so. Right away I got a nice strong hit, I moved the top brush away with my shoe and i could see a ring. As I bent down closer, I could see it was exactly how Stacy had described it, A birds feather was lying right through the ring. Congrats on getting your Wedding band back Bob, thanks to Stacy for contacting me and thanks to the Waconia Patriot for writing the article on us.