1944 Class Ring Found after 69 years in the water

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

While I was scuba / relic hunting an old swim site in Minnesota I came across a 1944 Class Ring with a “K” High School etched into the top. The initials D and E on either side of the ring. After a month or so of searching for this high school I fianlly got a hit with the help of the Kimball Historical Society. They researched the ring and found it was from the town of Kimball and then further research brought up the name of Don Elliot. Don is now 87 years old and remembers the day he lost the ring and his frantic search to find it in the lake. Don went into the Navy during World War II and was never able to graduate. He remembers his principle at the time, asking Don why he was buying a class ring when he was almost certain to get drafted before graduating. Don said he just want the ring for his own reasons. This was a great adventure for me as a ring finder. The research, the people I was able to meet and doing something that made one of my personal hero’s ( A U.S. Veteran) happy. Congrats Don and I am looking forward to a cup of coffee with you and some great stories from the past!


3 Replies to “1944 Class Ring Found after 69 years in the water”

  1. Mark says:

    What a story..!!!

    Thank you Darrin..!!!

    You make us all look great.
    I’m even more proud to be a “RingFinder” right now.


  2. Dave Millman says:

    Awesome recovery story!

  3. Don Elliott says:

    thanks for finding the ring it brings back all the memories of the past!! maybe we can get togther for that coffee.

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