Lost Class Ring St. Paul Minnesota Found

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

On Thanksgiving Day, Dan was out tossing the football with his kids. As he threw a pass, his Gold Class Ring went flying off his finger. He actually saw it come off and heard it hit a landscape brick that was surrounding his shrubs. Dan raked the whole area and searched for 5 -6 hours with no luck. He even came back out that night with a flash light ot see if the relection would be visible off the ring. Still no luck. My son and I drove out the next morning and starting searching the area as Dan and his 2 kids watched. After approx. 5 minutes of searching;  One of Dan’s kids, Sam (I think) said, hey Dad is that it? He had spotted the ring under some leaves and mulch right next to a shrub. Congrats Dan – No matter how or who finds the ring, This is all about getting that ring back on your finger.

Take Care!! Darrin

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  1. Chris Turner says:

    I’ve had a few searches where the people eyeball their lost ring before I complete my grid…I’m always happy to see it back where it belongs!
    Best, Chris Turner/CEO/The Ring Finders

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