Shakopee Minnesota lost platinum wedding band

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

Bill was playing with his kids in the Corn Bin, a play area filled with corn about 25 yards long 10 yards wide and 3 feet deep. While pushing his hands into the corn his platinum wedding ring slipped off and the corn being like quicksand , it disappeared. Bill found on an internet search and gave me a call. I talked with the owner of the area and he was happy to let us come in and search before they opened the next day. After a 15 minute search, Bill had his Wedding band back on his hand. We also found a Tiffany’s wedding band and 2 Gold rings that had been lost a few weeks earlier. The owner called (from their lost and found) and all the rings, and a bracelet found their way back to the rightful owners! What a great day. Congrats to all who thought their priceless items were lost forever.


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  1. Bill Christian says:

    Thank you Darrin! It was amazing to go from the disappointment of losing your wedding ring (in such a unique setting, to say the least) to the sheer joy you helped me experience just 7 days later! I tried hard not to be a girly-man and tear up right there when you found it. I think my boys were just as excited. The best part? It sounds as if the owner of the area will invite you back to help recover other lost rings and valuables. I’m proud to have a (tiny) part in this. I envy your situation, being able to bring such joy to people. Here’s to more successful recoveries! I owe you one, Darrin.

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