Lost Wedding ring Minneapolis / St. Paul Minnesota recovered

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

It’s been a cold & very snowy winter this year in Minnesota, and we still have a good 2 to 3 months left. Eric called the ring finders as he was at his parents house with family for Christmas and while out playing around in the backyard; His Gold Wedding band flew off his finger. The snow is very deep and trying to find it would be nearly impossible without the correct equipment. That’s were The Ring Finders Come In!! We arrived at the site and Erics parents showed us the approximate location of where the ring was lost, after 5 minutes we got a strong hit on the detector, a couple scoops of snow later and out popped the ring. It worked out great as Eric works right on my way home from his parents. We met at a gas station and I took the attached photos of his ring and with Eric holding his ring. Glad we could help and I hope everyone out there had a Merry Christmas! Here is the video:


2 Replies to “Lost Wedding ring Minneapolis / St. Paul Minnesota recovered”

  1. Lakshmi Padileti says:

    I heard this from Eric today. He is SO MUCH HAPPY to see his wedding ring back and appreciated a lot the ring finders.

    Good job “The Ring Finders” and you guys gave good Christmas to Eric.

    Lakshmi Padileti

  2. Tony Shere says:

    Good result !

    Keep warm,
    Tony (TheRingFinders),

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