Lost Platinum Diamond Ring Recovered Maple Lake Minnesota

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

Char was sitting on a Pontoon at the dock when her friend asked her if she could try on her Diamond wedding ring. After her friend checked it out, her friends 3 year old daughter wanted to see it. Instead of handing the ring back to Char, the 3 year old decided to throw it to her. The ring bounced off Char’s hand and into the water. The water is approx. 5 feet deep in this area and very mucky and weedy. It only took 2 scoops of muck and the ring was sitting right on top. What a great sight to see!!! Glad we could help out Char.

2 Replies to “Lost Platinum Diamond Ring Recovered Maple Lake Minnesota”

  1. Cindy Laskow says:

    You guys are amazing!!! Thank you so much for coming out on Labor Day to recover the ring for Shar! Words cannot express my gratitude, now I won’t have to Hock every item in my house to pay for the ring!! Thanks again! Cindy (Mom of the notorius 3 year old with the good arm!)

    1. Shar says:

      I am not sure there are enough words to show you how thankful we are that you came to our rescue. My ring is back on my finger and I promise I will never take it off again. You guys are amazing! Thank you again and keep up the good work!!

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