Platinum Wedding Band In Pleasant Lake

  • from Twin Cities Metro (Minnesota, United States)

I was contacted by Eric as he had lost his Platinum wedding band while getting his sail boat ready at his mooring anchor. He was actually in a blow up canoe while getting his sail boat set for a day on the lake, when off popped his ring into 10 feet of water. He tried to mark it with a small bobber tied to a washer. Storms have gone through the area lately and I think they must have washed away his marker as I couln’t find it as I was scuba diving the area in search for the ring. I was down approx. 15 minutes when I got a great hit on my detector. With visibility being very poor, I had to just sift with my hands and grab hands full of silt and wave it across my detector. After a few handfulls that wonderful full strength sound shot out and there was the Platinum ring. Needless to say, Eric was very happy to have his wedding band back on his hand. Then he called his wife with the good news and he said she was even more relieved than him! What a great feeling also for me being able to help them out.

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