Oceanside Beach sand sifting machine eats a lost Gold ring & found 30’ later

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)


The Ring Finders Metal detecting service helped find a lost gold ring at Oceanside beach. Call Curtis Cox 760 889 2751

The story began when Simon came to Oceanside while on vacation and hung out in the dry sand for a short time. He shook his towel and left the area realizing later that this Gold ring he just bought in Arizona had vanished!  After tracing his footsteps back he wasn’t able to locate it but fortunately later the next day he found my contact info while google searching metal detector help finding a lost ring.

As I arrived that afternoon driving down the strand my hope to help him immediately sank like a navy ship full of loose lip sailors. There was beach sifting machine marks everywhere!!  Here in San Diego we have Tonka sized dozers that clean up seaweed/trash and flatten the sand for esthetics. In other words,,,This big waste of taxpayer funds may have devoured Simon’s ring!??

I explained all this to him and searched the few small areas it could of been except where a group was with no luck. Long shot but I assured him I would give it one more scan that night after the spring break crowds clear with a more thorough search.

Once again I lost hope after searching the last remaining places he was at. There was basically no sand left to scan here except for a wild hunch the machine could of moved it,,,Jeez,,I must be overthinking I thought…As I slowly swung my Metal detector in a straight line 30 feet plus North and received a signal,,Dug it up & said to myself..WTF is this funky metal thing???   Oh it’s a smashed ring,,,Wait,,,Is this,,,And then my phone beeps with a picture Simon sent me of his long lost Gold ring….BOOOOM….That’s it!!!  

Simon met me there soon after and we both were surprised of the outcome after miraculously finding it so far away from where he lost it. My hypothesis is the Gold ring was smashed or lodged by the beach sifting dozer tracks and got dropped off 30 feet later.? 





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