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North county Oceanside local found a lost gold wedding ring band buried in beach sand at Carlsbad Ca.Metal detecting Member of The Ring Finders  San Diego California since 2014 Call Or text 760 889 2751  If this is an emergency or not.

I recently received a call this summer in regards to a lost gold wedding band at Carlsbad beach. It was around 7:30pm on a Friday when I was asked about my service.

No matter what the value is just ask. I am always willing to help others on a reward basis which is entirely up to you & what you can afford.

       Fortunately the beach location he had lost it at Is less than a 15min drive from where I reside but also a spot I grew up during my wee years spawning from a fawn~Young buck~Bald eagle. This is a nook and cranny joint where all the local late night drinkers can gather whilst cracking open some glass beers peacefully deviating city beach laws & regulations!

    Unfortunately that also means all metal detectors will retrieve many different signals for every bottle cap,Iron,Pull tab,Coin,Tent stake etc…That are buried in the sand.

     As we met there that night we both had questions along with concerns of where this precious wedding ring could of vanished. Before scanning the scene of the lost ring, I let him know that there will be other metal targets that I might need to dig up just Incase and show him givin this particular location.

  I began scanning this possible short area with my old Advanced Pulse metal detector that has discrimination to eliminate trash targets also with the combined time spent learning this machine since 2009 .. I should find it right away right???blah,blah,blah Ha,HA,Ha…Not so fast or funny because I found myself immediately infected from the CORONA CAPS,,,,FOIL WADS,PULL TABS, BEAVER TAILS, ETC..That scream similarly loud like a gold ring or other gold sounding objects (GSO’s) on most detectors.

 Amongst skipping all the ferrous metal tones laying beneath sand and sight,,,And after over 2 dozen non ferrous metals I selectively dug up,,,Then finally the most sweetest nectar sounding signal I heard was his Gold wedding while suddenly seeing it magically appear in my metal detecting sand scoop. This is the most rewarding part of the story,,Smiles are also all about the timing:) !!

((Found and returned)).  The story of his ring will live on now.  I think it only took 20min or so? The only problem I really had is being unarmed with repellent against the potential West Nile mosquito’s that like to drink blood thar on em’ beaches. Only 7 bites this time though.

Happy hunting:)   Who ya gonna call?

Curtis Cox 760 889 2751

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