Additional Recent Recoveries

  • from Williamsburg (Virginia, United States)

Typically, I do not take a phone with me when beach or water hunting so I do not have pics of “onsite” recoveries and returns.  Here’s a few of my more recent returns:

— A young husband was in the water in Miami with his wife and friends.  He flipped his hand and his 18K wedding band went flying.  Fortunately he stayed where the ring was lost while his wife shagged us down.  After we got to the area, it took me 10 minutes of hunting to find the ring.  If the husband hadn’t stayed in the location where lost, chances of funding the ring were slim.

— Detecting along the water at Virginia Beach and a guy approaches me to find an earring.  Turns out it was a tiny stud earring lost by the daughter of a friend in the dry sand.  Since they were in the immediate location, I didn’t have much ground to cover.  After a bit of searching, I got a whimper of a signal.  Using my pinpointer, I was able to locate the earring slightly under the sand.

— An Annapolis woman was visiting Sandbridge with her family.  She removed her wedding ring set and placed them in a pocket of the beach umbrella.  For some reason, she had to leave the beach early.  The rest of the crew returned at a later time.  Unfortunately, the ring set didn’t make the return trip.  I was contacted and accepted the search.

Fortunately, I was provided a reasonably accurate map of the lost ring location.  My wife and I decided to have a beach day while I looked for the rings.  After spending an hour and a half gridding the oceanfront where they stayed and having no luck, decided to change tactics.  I started doing patterns between the oceanfront and the exit.  On about the fourth pass, I got a signal.  Looked down and barely peaking through the sand was the diamond engagement ring.  Fortunately, nearby was the wedding band.  Was able to package them up and ship to Annapolis.

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