Cory Rind

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a ''Reward Basis'' That means you pay what it's worth to you and what you can afford, for me to come out and find your lost item.

I have a $20 call-out fee to cover my fuel expense whether the item is found or not. Maybe more or less depending on where you are located. (Contact me to discuss)

Search Types

Can search land or water about mid-chest deep, not a diver. Water/beach hunter during summer, relic hunter during the cooler months but can hunt water year round.

Search Locations

Virginia Peninsula, Norfolk/Virginia Beach, Surry/Isle of Wight.

Cory Rind's Bio

Over 45 years metal detecting experience for jewelry, coins, cellphones and relics/artifacts. Detect year round and will go in water in winter, waist deep or less.

Affiliated with Hanover Relic Club(Ashland, Va) and Hampton Roads Recovery Society (Hampton, Va.)

Cory Rind - Recent Blog Post

  • Miami Beach Police Recovery (2022)

    My partner and I were detecting the wet sand area in Miami Beach.  About 100 yards ahead, 3 uniformed officers had a run-in with a suspect, took him down in the sand then led him away in handcuffs. Shortly, the officers returned and were frantically scurrying through the sand.  We approached the area and actually […]

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  • Additional Recent Recoveries (2022)

    Typically, I do not take a phone with me when beach or water hunting so I do not have pics of “onsite” recoveries and returns.  Here’s a few of my more recent returns: — A young husband was in the water in Miami with his wife and friends.  He flipped his hand and his 18K […]

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  • Ring Recovery – Cancun (2022)

    Several years ago, I was detecting a resort we were staying at and recovered this ring at night on the beach.  Next day, on a whim, I took the ring by the frontdesk to see if anyone had lost it. I was reluctant to allow them to take pics but did. Unbelievably, several hours later […]

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  • Ring Recovery (2022)

    14 K wedding band recovered in three feet of water in Ft Lauderdale and returned to owner through Facebook research.

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  • Helping the Community (2022)

    June 2022 provided a metal detecting seminar to City of Suffolk, Va forensics team on optimal use of their metal detectors.  Approximately 45 minutes of classroom and 45 minutes of field work.  20 or so folks in attendance from across the First Responder community.

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