How to find a gold wedding band in the snow in South Surrey, BC...

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

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Winter is almost done here maybe two or three weeks left, we escaped with very little snow… Just yesterday we got our first taste of winter with a few inches of snow and my phone started ringing, keys were on the top of the list and late yesterday a call for a lost gold ring in the snow, possibly on the sidewalk in front of the person’s house or in the yard. We made plans to meet early in the morning to do the search, I arrived at 9 AM and met the couple and we discussed the search areas. I found out that they been married for 40 years so you can imagine the story that is attached with her custom-made ring.

After carefully listening to where they believe the ring may have fallen off of her finger when she pulled off her glove, I started to search that area and after 15 minutes I move my search into the yard for a quick look. I changed detectors and headed back to the first location where part of the driveway was ploughed and snow was piled on the side of the road. I got a signal and with the pin pointer I pulled out her beautiful gold wedding band from the snow.











It was very fortunate that we found it because after the snow would’ve melted it would’ve been very easily spotted on the roadway… I love my job and helping people find what they have lost and I understand the stories that are attached to these beautiful rings, I understand if they are lost forever so is the story attached to them.

I’m very proud of TheRingFinders directory and all the members that have joined to help other people in their towns and cities! You only have to find and return one ring and experience what it feels like and you will be hooked!

I have the best job in the world!

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Video of the recovery below…



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  1. Mike McInroe says:

    Well there you have it folks….the master ring finder doing his thing on Valentines Day!! Looks wet and cold but that does not dampen those smiles…nice surprise Chris!

    1. Keith Wille says:

      Great save, Chris! 40 years of memories attached to that ring! I love the snowbear too! HH Keith

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