Diamond Engagement Ring Lost in Vancouver BC.

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

A young lady lost her diamond engagement ring trying to keep it safe by putting it in her pocket…It happens a lot! It falls out of the pocket! After talking to her husband and him sending me a google earth map of the location I was able to do the search without him being there to show me the area. It didn’t take me long to see the grass that was flatten down in a couple of places which told me this was the area they were playing…I started my grid search and after 35 minutes I received a good high/low signal on my Garrett Infinium and after moving the grass there was a beautiful diamond ring! I have the greatest job in the world! I get to make people Smile!!! Thanks for reading and if you’ve lost your ring in Vancouver or the Lower Mainland…Call me ASAP 778-838-3463









Watch Video of The Search…








3 Replies to “Diamond Engagement Ring Lost in Vancouver BC.”

  1. Griff says:

    Nice way to start of the year…sunshine and finding a beautiful ring! Great work.

    1. Chris Turner says:

      Thanks, Yes nice to see the sun & gold!

  2. Mike McInroe says:

    Way to go Chris. Looks like you are getting some warmer weather and good ole sun shine to help you in your search.

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