How to find a lost ring in the snow, Richmond BC,

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Yesterday I received an email from a young lady that said her husband had lost his carbon tungsten wedding band the night before while throwing snow at his daughter. She said she found me because of a Facebook post she did in regards to her husband losing his ring. A group of mom’s told her to check out

This email came just before I was to do a podcast for in regards to my service and

I called the lady back and set up a time for the afternoon to come out and find the ring.

We just had some snow fall in the Vancouver area and the night before I found a set of keys for a person who was shovelling snow in his driveway.

I can be just as busy in the winter as I am in the summer as snow is wet and cold and peoples fingers shrink and rings come off.

After the podcast was done I jumped into my car and set out to Richmond to do the search. I met with Kirsten and she showed me the area where the ring was lost, then I started the search.

After 20 minutes and no ring Kirsten came back out and told me that her daughter said that they were much closer to the car.

I stared scraping the snow away from the vehicle so I was able to use my metal detector as anything close to the car would set the detector off. I got a great signal and moments later I had the ring!

I also went on another search for a young lady at UBC, but no luck on that one as she didn’t know where the ring had come off her finger.

It’s what I call a closure search as I just searched an area of grass where my metal detector could be used, now she can move forward and start looking at other places where it could be like the coffee shop or her dorm room.


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I love this job and I hope one day soon TheRingFinders will be a household name for helping people find what they thought was lost forever.

View the video of the search below…

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  1. Mike McInroe says:

    Nice work there Chris! Wish I could send you some of our warm weather, but that snow and cold makes the rings come off just as easy!

  2. Chris Turner says:

    No,no please send the warm weather Mike!

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