River gold & palladium... Wedding band lost in South Surrey river.

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I got a call from a young man Friday evening and the call kinda went like this…I found you on TheRingFinders.com and my friend lost his wedding band while taking wedding photo’s at a river in South Surrey…Do you think you can help?

I said sure thing and we discussed the time and day we’d go look for it. I was hoping we could take a look on Saturday but they would still be celebrating their big day.

That was good because I had a search for a 3 carat diamond ring that was dropped out of an apartment building 44 floors up ($5000 reward) unfortunately there was only about a 5% chance of finding that ring because it was a concrete jungle all around the area it was dropped.

I met up this afternoon with Sunny and his friend Sandy and they showed me where the ring was lost…I was surprised to see that it was lost off a dock! I thought it was close to the shore. Fortunately the tide was low and I was able to get into the water very close to the ring.

I received a good signal 6 feet or so under the dock and it was hard to try and dig the target so what I did was scoop towards me and after 10 minutes I found his beautiful ring!!!

I told him I was going to get out of the water and get another metal detector from my car,  but instead I presented him with his ring! I love the reactions!




IMG_3469 IMG_3473










I wish I could do this all day long and help others who need this service!!


Thanks for watching!



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  1. Mike McInroe says:

    Awesome stuff there Chris! You got the surprise thing down pat! Keep it up!

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Thanks Mike…Its fun to surprise them!

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