Lost Hearing Aid in Chilliwack, BC...Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I just got home from the diamond pendant search and made a late lunch when the phone rang, I answered it and a lady said is this TheRingFinders and I said yes  and she said could you find a hearing aid? I said its very difficult because its pretty much all plastic and a tiny battery, but yes I believe it could be found.

She said she lost it on her property up in Chilliwack, I said we have a member who lives close to that location have you called him and she said no. I said to her that it was a 2 hour drive or longer for me due to rush hour traffic and that she should try the member closer to her location. She said that she’d call him,  I said if you can’t get him call me back as it was going to rain the next day and I’d come out if she couldn’t reach him.

Five minutes later she told me she got the answering machine, so I was on my way! When we met I found out it was her baby daughters hearing aid and she has two and lost the one , I was able to test the one she had with my Whites PI and it got a good signal so I was confident I’d find it…

After 30 minutes and no hearing aid I asked her If I could test it with my detector again and this time… not a signal??? I got the AT Gold with the sipper coil and no signal???My bad! The first time we tested I didn’t check the ground before testing and there must have been a piece of metal in the area(LessonLearned) I had a sick feeling in my stomach and my last chance was the Garrett Carrot and it got a great signal on the hearing aid…Off I went on my but like a dog with worms sliding up and back on a grid and 25 minutes later…Bingo! I found out that just one hearing aid cost over $1000 so you could imagine how good it felt to find it before the rain came!

I love my job! If you’ve lost something and need it found please contact a metal detecting expert nearest your location at www.TheRingFinders.com


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6 Replies to “Lost Hearing Aid in Chilliwack, BC…Found!”

  1. Jim Wren says:

    Awesome recovery Chris!!!

    1. Chris Turner says:

      Thanks Jim! Fun to find! Not so fun when you don’t find it…I’m heading into day 3 for a lost ring bat a beach…Tough search but fun!

  2. Larry Griffith says:

    Chris, Hearing aids are one of the most difficult items to find. I wear two of them (inside the ear) and I am keenly aware of the difficulty of finding such a small item due to lack of metal. By the way, my hearing aids cost $2k each so it was very fortunate that you found them before the rain. (hope you knee gets better soon.

  3. Chris Turner says:

    Crazy how expensive they can be! My knee is getting beer slowly thanks!

  4. jason Bontrager says:

    Nicely done Chris. what up with your detectors not finding a simple hearing aid?. haha Hope you knee gets beer quick…

  5. John Volek says:

    Great Story!


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