Lost Ring in South Surrey Found/Father & Son's Priceless Reaction!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I’m at work when I get a call from Darrell, he tells me that his son lost his grandfathers ring…(Darrell’s late Fathers Ring) you can imagine how distraught both father and son were in regards to this loss. His son Brad told me he couldn’t sleep at night he was so upset.

They told me it was a very big search area the ring could’ve been lost in and unfortunately the son didn’t know when the ring came off his finger. This makes for an extremely difficult search. As most Ring Finders know you have to be a good detective and ask a lot of questions in order to narrow down the search area… And that’s what I did.

I started walking the trail in the park searching on the left side of the trail after determining the angle of his throw and where the ring could possibly end up. I was preparing to go back after I saw the whole search area and extend the grid search further into the brush. Fortunately at the end of the trail in a very flat grassy opening where he threw three pinecones and show me the direction he was throwing, this was going to be the easiest part of the search to finish before I got invested into that very difficult trail area with all the brush and stumps.

After only four gridlines up & down I got a good signal, I look down into the grass with my pin pointer and saw his beautiful gold ring! Darrell and his son Brad were off in another location checking out a stump where he was playing. I was able to surprise them with the ring when they came back.

















I believe this was one of the best reactions I’ve seen in many many years when I held up the ring and they both saw it… You have to watch the video it’s priceless!

I have to say this is the best job I’ve ever had in my life! I get to make people happy, I get to see their smiles and witness their joy & happiness for finding something so precious. I have personally found over 400 lost rings to date. Every ring I’ve ever found has an amazing story attached to it and I’m so honoured to be so lucky to help continue that story… More people deserve to know about TheRingFinders.com so they can have a second chance to find what they thought was lost forever… Please tell your friends!




Watch the Epic Reaction to the discovery of the young mans ring below.

10 Replies to “Lost Ring in South Surrey Found/Father & Son’s Priceless Reaction!”

  1. Mike McInroe says:

    Well, that even brought a tear to my eye!! Simply amazing reactions and those two will be smiling for as long as they can remember! Awesome work!

    1. Chris Turner says:

      As you well know Mike being a Ring Finders is the best job you can have…We get to find peoples lost Smiles! Nothing better and I know you’ve found your share!

  2. Larry Griffith says:

    Great result. The trail would have been a nightmare searching it.

    1. Chris Turner says:

      I was so thankful that I worked the easy part first! If I’d started grid searching the trail it would have been extremely hard! I might be heading to the UK in June and we were thinking of heading to France as well…Maybe we could hook up for a hunt.

  3. Tony Reese says:


    As always, fantastic video. Thanks again for giving the rest of us this avenue for helping others. It is a truly amazing feeling to be able to return these very sentimental treasures.

    Tony Reese
    Omaha, Ne

    1. Chris Turner says:

      It’s so much fun and I’m dedicated to find a way to make TRF a household name!

  4. Steve Smith says:

    Great reactions for sure Chris. That joy is what it is all about.

    1. Chris Turner says:

      Yes its so much fun to find lost Smiles!

  5. Jim Wren says:

    Great recovery and an even better video Chris!!!!! Awesome Job.

    1. Chris Turner says:

      Thanks Jim…Very fun recovery and I got lucky!

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