Lost Gold Nugget Ring in Richmond BC...Found!

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I received and email yesterday afternoon in regards to a lost gold ring by a bus stop in Richmond. I called the person and we discussed the search and decided to meet at 8 PM.

When we met I learned what happen and how he lost his late fathers ring that was a gift…He was whipping the rain off his paints and the ing went flying. He remember hearing the ring hit the metal seats in the covered area of the bus stop. The way he showed me what he was doing made sense to us that the ring could have gone under the seats and out the back in the long grass.

What made this ring so special to the young man was it was a gift from his late father and the gold nuggets that wrapped all the way around the ring was nuggets that his father had panned in Alaska.

1/12 hours later it was found in the last spot I checked near the bus stop where I was having problems with interference from the rebar in the concrete and all the garbage in the area…I found it using my hand held Pin pointer.









The ring had been lost for 4 days and now its back where it belongs!

Thanks for reading my blog…I love my job!

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Watch the video of the recovery…

5 Replies to “Lost Gold Nugget Ring in Richmond BC…Found!”

  1. Mike McInroe says:

    Great stuff Chris! Good to see you making a believer out of that guy! He could hardly believe you actually found it and that sure made his day!

    1. Chris Turner says:

      Fun search but it took some time and U was sure happy to see the ring!

  2. John Volek says:

    Great Recovery! and a really coo.

    1. Chris Turner says:

      It sure was a nice ring and happy to find it for him!

  3. John Volek says:

    Great Recovery! and a really cool ring.

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