Lost Ring Vancouver, BC...Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I got a call from a young man who asked if I could help him find a lost ring that he’d been looking for and couldn’t find. We agreed to meet and take a look, when I got to the location the young man showed me the area, he told me that he had a few drinks with friends to celebrate his birthday and on the way home just goofing around he threw his skateboard in the garden in front of this apartment building and when he threw it his ring got caught and went with the board…It was night and he and his friends with their cell phone lights searched but couldn’t find the ring.  He came back the next day and searched and the day after but no luck. He was going to rent a metal detector and found me on TheRingFinders directory and called. 

I though to myself this should be a quick search & recovery…(Not) After 40+ minutes in a small area and no ring he was giving up and saying we did our best and that he didn’t want to waste my time anymore…He obviously doesn’t know me! I thought for a while and decided to search the less obvious places like behind where he was standing when he threw the skateboard. Bingo! 5 minutes later I got a strong consistent 50 reading on my Garrett AT Gold…I sat down and moved the grass with my pin pointer and saw nothing but after I moved some dirt there it was looking back at me!

















You ask any member from TheRingFinders directory and they will all tell you that there’s no better feeling then finding someones Lost Smile!

I love my job!!

If you lost your ring call me ASAP!

Watch the Video Quickie of the Search…


2 Replies to “Lost Ring Vancouver, BC…Found!”

  1. Steve Smith says:

    I always wait in rapt anticipation for your next video Chris. Great search, great recovery, and teaching to search outside of the box.


    1. Chris Turner says:

      Thanks Steve! It’s been a while since I posted a recovery as the last 10 or so have been found before I got to the location or when i showed up or days later in the persons home…Nice to finally find a smile!

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