Metal Detecting Granville Island For A Lost Diamond Ring

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I was at home tonight watching the hockey game and the third period was about to start when I received a call from a young lady who asked if I could help her find a lost ring.

I listened to her story and I was on my way to find her diamond ring. When I arrived her and her husband and her girlfriend were outside searching the area they believed the ring could be lost in.

I asked my questions that I normally ask and it was her girlfriend that had kept her ring and watch in her pocket while they were working out. When they were walking home her girlfriend pulled out the watch & ring to give back, but all she could find was the watch.

Right away they started to search the ground for the ring, it was dark and there was lots of leafs and long grass so it made it extremely difficult to find. Her only chance was to rent a metal detector and that’s when she found me on line.

I searched the area that they thought the ring was in and no luck, I could tell her girlfriend was very upset as she felt responsible…I felt bad for her but I also knew if the ring was there I could find it, close to an hour searching now and it was getting late, her girlfriend went home and the young couple went to their car to warm up.

I decided to search in a different area further down the walk way and I got a good signal and there it was! I was so excited to tell them the good news! I wish I could of got her first reaction, but my camera was off…

I’m so glad I extended my grid search!

I Love my job!

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